Acid Lily Gallery is CLOSED!


We’ve closed the gallery in preparation for some major changes. We’ll be back in August with a new location, all-new rules and some amazing new designers who will be joining us. We’re gonna keep posting updates along the way, so you can join us here on the blog, or on Plurk, Flickr, or Facebook.

To leave you with a little sneak-peek of what’s to come, check out some of the new designers joining us here. The list is still being updated, so keep checking back often, there’s more to come.

By the way, we are still receiving applications for designers and bloggers. Anyone interested can contact us for an application. Tell your friends!

If you visit the old LM, you’ll find the subscriber which you can join to receive notices on all these updates in-world. Oh yeah, and we hope you like the new logo and page layout!

We’d like to thank everyone who’s been with us, all our amazing designers, bloggers and shoppers, and we hope to continue to bring you an event that everyone can enjoy.


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