Acid Lily’s Final Round!

After a long and exciting journey, Acid Lily’s Dec Round 2, and final round, is here!

We’d like to thank everyone who has been a part of Acid Lily in one form or another. From our dear shoppers to our amazing designers and bloggers, thank you for your support and for making this all possible! Acid Lily closes indefinitely on Dec 30th, 2013.

We hope to bring something back in the future, but for now, we’d like to wish you all Happy Holidays, and a wonderful New Year!

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New Round and Happy Holidays at Acid Lily!

December’s first round is OPEN! We’ve come so close to the holiday season, and our designers are getting into the holiday spirit. This round features many holiday inspired creations, and some designers have also provided transferrable versions of their creations. Featuring: Zibska, Bokeh, Anc Ltd., Le Poppycock, Aushka&Co, Naminoke, //elephante poses//, Modern.Couture, Embody Poses.

This round runs from Dec 2nd to 15th, and includes everything from decorations, mesh avatars, poses, jewelry, tattoos and Gachas! Don’t forget to pick up the Group Gifts as well, provided by Zibska and Naminoke!

Teleport Here!

**Click on the images below to view the description**

New Collection & Shopping Guide!

We’ve got a great selection of designers for November round 2, which is now open and will run until Nov 30th! You’ll find everything this round including furniture, jewelry, tights, clothing, accessories, plushies, tattoos and plenty of other things!

Featured Designers: junk. – Lark – Bokeh – {yumyums} – Le Poppycock – Cannibelle – Starry Heaven – Elska – Wimey – RachelBreaker – Oceania Breedables – :minimade: – C. C. Kre-ations – Fabouzz – Senzafine

Our designers have also been very generous, and you can find a total of 6 Group Gifts ranging from tights, tattoos, clothing and accessories!

So come by and enjoy shopping for some amazing creations at great deals!


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November Round Has Started!

*note: gallery updated with “by Dorian”

We’re back with a new collection and some new designers. There’s more (wearable) plushies, this time from .Birdy., and lots of elegant jewelry from Zibska and Modern Couture. Check out everything our designers are offering this round below.

Featured Designers: Birdy, LVLE, Zibska, by Dorian, //elephante poses//, [Modern Couture], :{MV}:, Aushka & Co.


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Coming Soon in November…

October’s second round has ended today, and we’ve closed down the gallery while our designers prepare for the next round.

We’ll be back in November 2nd at 8:00 am SLT, and with that, we have a sneak peek at what’s to come from Zibska. They’ve shared with us a preview of the Tess Necklace & Earring Set, which will be available on November 2nd at Acid Lily!

To view the full sized image and the full credits, click HERE.

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zibska release


Acid Lily Quick Preview!

We’ve closed Acid Lily as our designers prepare for the new round. Round 2 for October opens on the 17th.

We have some previews for you. C.C. Kre-ations is one of the designers providing a Group Gift next round, and she’s provided us with a preview of her exclusive release and the Group Gift below. You can check out their flickr or blog!

We also have the line-up for next round. Joining us next round is: *art dummy! – Bokeh – C.C. Kre-ations – Cracked Mirror – Half-Deer – House of London – Kaithleen’s – Le Poppycock – LMD – :minimade: – Nudolu – NYU – {yumyums}

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october round2


Here’s the exclusive release, and the Group Gift by C.C. Kre-ations, available  at the new round on Oct 17th!

C.C. Kre-ations Preview

Back in October 2nd!

Acid Lily is now closed to the public. We’ll be re-opening on October 2nd, at 8:00 am SLT. There will be a new set of designers to satisfy your fashion, blogging, landscaping and home and garden needs.

Did you know you could add your pictures featuring items from Acid Lily to our flickr group? We’d love to see your style, so add your pictures here!

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And a special thank you to our bloggers and all the designers who have joined us so far!


Closed for preparations!

The first round of September has officially ended, but… the second round of the month will be starting in just a couple of days!

We’ll be back open on Sept 17th, at 8:00 am SLT. There will be many new designers joining us, and a couple of group gifts out, so stay tuned. We’ll be announcing the new round and participants real soon!

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Closed for Preparations: Our Forest Escape

Hi everyone, so August Round 2 has ended, and right now the Lily is closed for preparations. The next round will start on September 2nd and will run for 2 weeks.

I thought I’d share with you some more pictures around the sim. If you’ve gone exploring, have you found the Cafe au Lait? It’s somewhat hidden from sight in the middle of the forest, right above the cliffs, but you can get some great views from up there. If you like lakes and forests, you’ll enjoy this little escape, and while you’re at the Cafe, click on the record player to change the radio station.

Teleport to the Cafe au Lait here!

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Closed for Preparations + Sneak Peek Of What’s To Come!

The first round in August has ended, and we’ve closed the gallery down to prepare for the second round, which will start on the 17th of August, at 8:00 am SLT.

We’ll be welcoming an entire group of new designers, a couple of new Group Gifts and a whole new round of fun and shopping, from furniture to clothing and accessories! Everyone will be providing exclusive releases only available at Acid Lily, along with discounts where one or more items have been marked down to L$ 70 or less!

We wanted to share a few things here as well. Take a look at what O.M.E.N has in store for you on the 17th, only at Acid Lily Gallery. An entire set of Spiked Headphones that have some otherworldly feel going. Click here to view the pictures. You can also check out their blog to view the entire set, here.

And we also wanted to show you some of the creative pictures taken by our bloggers, featuring items from the first round.
Check out Sugar’s pictures here, and here, as well as Druuna and Elle’s pictures.
Check out more great shots in the Acid Lily Flickr group, and show us yours!

I think that was enough coverage for now, see you on the 17th!